About Us

About us


Rehabilitation Centres For Children (RCFC) was established in 1973 by Jane Pamela Webb a British Nurse & Social Activist. RCFC provides Free Medical Treatment to Children with Disabilities from underprivileged backgrounds. The families of such children who cannot afford medical treatment are given free treatment in RCFC including Surgical Intervention, Mobility Appliances, Immunization, Physiotherapy, Pre-Vocational training, Residential care and Counselling. The children are provided free accommodation till they are completely recovered. Since its inception in 1973 RCFC has treated more than 170,000 children. These children are leading normal/near normal lives after rehabilitation in RCFC. RCFC has restored to them their right to a healthy life. RCFC is situated in Barisha, Kolkata -700008, approximately 10 minutes drive from Tollygunge Metro Station. Spread over an area of 2 acres it has a fully equipped OT for Orthopaedic surgeries. It also has an advanced Physiotherapy Clinic, Artificial Limb manufacturing unit, Cerebral Palsy Clinic, Speech and Audiometry Clinic. By tradition the Governor of West Bengal is the Patron –in-Chief of the Organisation of its services in the field of disability.



Focus of this Project

In addition to Orthopaedic disabilities RCFC has expanded its focus to include Cerebral Palsy and Speed and Hearing impaired cases. The infrastructure has been upgraded accordingly. A well- equipped Mobility Appliance Workshop and Physiotherapy Clinic has been set up with the support of Japanees Goverment. and procurement of Audiology equipments EEG & ECG machine has been funded by the Government of West Bengal. The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has supported the purchase of C-ARM Machine and West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (WBSETCL) has supported the purchase of Digital X-Ray Machine (CR System) along with other instruments for OT Upgradation.

Responding to the needs of the Cerebral Palsy patients in the rural areas living in abject poverty, RCFC has opened a Cerebral Palsy Clinic for such patients identified for treatment in the Medical Camps conducted across West Bengal. This facility is also open to the children residing in RCFC’s neighbourhood.

RCFC being a non-profit organisation is dependent on donations for its regular operations. While there are philanthropic minded individuals and organisations that help RCFC from time to time, it’s a constant challenge to find the resources to meet the expenses for the medical intervention and rehabilitation.

RCFC Work Process

Through its Early Identification Camps in rural and semi rural areas RCFC identifies disabled children in need of medical intervention and if the child requires surgery she/ he is referred to RCFC for treatment. After a detailed medical assessment, children requiring surgery are admitted. Corrective surgeries are conducted in RCFC’s well equipped Operation Theatre. Post surgery – the rehabilitation process begins wherein as per requirement children are given mobility aids to optimise the use of limbs. Patients also undergo physiotherapy, gait training and non formal education during this period. RCFC conducts surgeries on children of all ages from infants through early teens to treat a wide range of orthopaedic deformities and Cerebral Palsy Children. RCFC constantly seeks to upgrade its facilities in order to provide advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures and children operated here have the lowest complications rates. RCFC has upgrading its OT facilities with the installation of C Arm Machine and a Digital X Ray Machine. The compassionate nursing support available to the children in the wards and operating room aids the healing and recovery process.

Child is given nutritious food, administered the prescribed medicines, physiotherapy and if required mobility aids are given. The duration of the entire process – from the time of admission to discharge varies from case to case depending on the severity of the case.

Since its inception in 1973, RCFC has been helping these brave children fight disability and its been our constant endeavour to bring a positive change in their lives. Our Doctors, Therapist and Specialists have committed their lives to make a difference in the lives of these young people. Their dedication combined with the generosity of our benefactors thousands of young lives have been transformed. RCFC has restored to them that which is their birthright-the right to a healthy life.

Special Features of RCFC

  • RCFC is among one of the very few organisations in the country that provides comprehensive services for disabled children i.e. all major and supplementary services are available in one campus; pre surgery pathology tests, corrective surgery, post surgery care and rehab, nutrition, mobility aid appliances, physiotherapy, music therapy, fun learning sessions etc, Right from the time the child is identified for treatment the child and her family is spared the harassment of going to different organisations for relief.
  • Children below 5 years of age admitted for treatment are accompanied by their mothers.
  • Training is given to mothers on Physiotherapy and home care routine for specially abled children.
  • Early Identification Camps to locate and initiate remedial measures either through community based rehabilitation or medical intervention in RCFC.
  • RCFC declared as State Resource Centre by the Govt. of West Bengal in recognition of its excellence in the field of Orthopaedics.
  • RCFC values each and every patient and we firmly believe that free or low cost does not mean low quality. All facilities are maintained with emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. Staff are oriented to serve patients with a compassionate attitude.
  • The pioneering rehabilitation efforts have drawn international attention; 18 children from war affected Afghanistan stayed in RCFC for more than a month and returned back in January 2016 to their country after successful completion of their treatment. Enquiries have been received from Nepal and Bangladesh for similar treatment.
  • RCFC received the Best NGO Award in 2002 from Department of Child & Women Welfare, Govt. Of West Bengal.