Name : Rupam Giri

C/o Shri Mangal Giri

Address-Village : Bankimnagar,

P.O-Sumatinagar, P.S-Sagar,

District- 24 Parganas (S), West Bengal


Diagnosis-Bilateral CTEV(Rigid Type)

This is Rupam Giri. He is little over 2 years old months old. He stays with her Father, Mother and Grandparents. His father Mangal Giri is an agricultural labourer and mother Debjani is a homemaker. Mangal’s earns around Rs. 3000/- per month. There is no other source of income in their family. Thus the family finds it hard to make ends meet. Rupam was diagnosed with Bilateral Congenital Talipes Equinox Varus, a deformity in both feet. Rupam was born with this condition. Rupam’s parents were disheartened as they were told that their son will never be able to walk. They were too poor to afford the treatment involving surgery. They came to know about RCFC through another ex-patient who was completely cured after treatment. Rupam’s parents lost no time in bringing their son to RCFC where he was assessed in the OPD and later admitted for surgery. Rupam successfully underwent two surgeries in RCFC. Rupam’s parents are overjoyed that his feet have developed normal shape and are happy that he will be able to walk on his own feet and participate in activities that are normal for his age. Rupam has been discharged and has gone back home.

Name : Soumojit Baidya

C/O Shri Ananda Baidya

Address-Village: Atpara


P.S – Usthi, District- 24 Parganas(S)


Diagnosis-Right CTEV

This is Soumojit Baidya. He is around 2 years old and is residing at Atpara village, P.S-Usthi, 24 Parganas(S). His father Ananda Baidya, runs a petty shop and earns between Rs. 3000—4000 per month. Mother Durga Baidya, is a homemaker. Soumajit also has twin sisters who are also very young and its tough for the mother to look after all of them. Soumajit was diagnosed with Right Congenital Talipes Equinox Varus (deformity in the right foot). His parents noticed that he was having speech problems as well. They came to know about RCFC and brought him here. Soumajit was admitted in RCFC and has undergone corrective surgery. To improve his speech, Soumajit was put under speech therapy in RCFC’s Speech & Hearing Clinic. Soumajit’s parents are relieved that their son will be able to walk normally and go to school like other kids in their locality.

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